Idea / about us

That which is priceless

Marianne and Daniel Aerni – two lives, one idea: 

to create a place where one can rediscover the three rare values: peace, space, time.

A place for culture, pleasure, human warmth.

“I want people to feel comfortable. In rooms that suit them. I can provide for that. I like to listen to them, I like to observe. Therefore I learn what they need, what they dream about. They need a living-space, I provide a space of well-being for them to live in. Also for their holidays.”
Marianne Aerni

“Designing, that is my motivation, what moves my life. Houses, gardens, culinary creations, texts or objects – to shape imaginations into realities with head, hand and heart, and to share them with others – that makes me happy.”

Daniel Aerni