In Italian, we call a farmer "coltivatore". This is a wonderful expression to comprise all the farmer’s tasks: He does not only grow something, but he cultivates and ameliorates the soil and the land. We might not be aware of this while eating, but looking down from a plane we understand: it is not the cities and villages that create the beauty of the land but the fields and meadows, the agricultural land men have been cultivating through the times.
Accordingly, we do not understand ourselves as mere producers, but also as preservers and gardeners of our landscape. We are proud of our cultivated land, and every day we enjoy its abundant colours, scents and fruits. We groom and maintain its plants with care and attention. We do not exploit our land but give back what we take, we do not use chemical but natural fertilizers, compost and manure. We understand organic farming not as a label but as a way of thinking.